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The Andelsbuch cheese centre

Regional and traditional products from Vorarlberg

The cheese centre offers a good selection of farm produce, supplied by numerous alpine dairies and local families.

A model dairy

Excursion in Cheese Centre Andeslbuch
Experience Vorarlberg's tradition in Cheese Centre Andeslbuch

... with guided tours, a welcome schnapps and a cheese tasting. Come and experience how the original Bregenzerwald mountain cheese was produced. At the same time, the dairy farmer will fill you in on a lot of interesting details about the culture, natural history, agriculture and tourist industry of the area. interessantes über Kultur, Natur, Landwirtschaft und Tourismus.

Gastronomy - Freshly prepared cheese dishes

In the Bregenzerwald cheese centre prepare to be spoilt with a large assortment of cheese dishes, both hot and cold! Especially popular are the Bregenzerwälder Kässpätzle (local cheese noodles) or our cream cheese soup..

The Bregenzerwald Cheese Route -  Top priority for the taste buds!

The Cheese Route is a concept put together by the farmers, hoteliers, artisans and businesses of the Bregenzerwald. All members and partners of the Cheese Route endeavour to promote and preserve the countryside and the local products of the Bregenzerwald.

This route constitutes a part of the larger Bregenzerwald cheese area, and aims to draw attention to the special infrastructure linking the local dairy farmers to their products and traditions; these include not only the tasty cheese specialities but also the wider selection of other dairy products, from creamy natural yoghurt to the fresh local "Wälder" butter.

Visit Bregenzerwald Cheese Centre with the help of interactive map or in person. For that simply send us a no obligation enquiry for your holidays in Alpenhotel Mittagspitze or book a room directly online.

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