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The Mittagspitze in Damüls

The Damülser Mittagsspitze, 2097 metres high, is Damüls' "local mountain".

Damüls' "local mountain"

Mittagspitze in Damüls
Hike to the Mittagspitze summit in Damüls

Take the Uga-Express 4-man chairlift, and glide up to the top station at an altitude of 1,830m above sea level. From here, a wide footpath leads up to the Uga-Alpe at the foot of the Damülser Mittagspitze. After that you have to follow a steep mountain track, assisted by a series of climbing aids, to reach the summit, one of the finest viewpoints in Vorarlberg.

The ascent from Damüls is quick and easy, since an altitude of approx. 1600 m can be reached by road. Only the climb to the sharp summit peak is steep.

By comparison the climb from Mellau (688 m) involves a full day tour, even if you take the cable car to the Rossstelle (1390 m).

Enjoy traditional cheese dishes in Cheese House Andelsbuch after hiking in the Damülser mountains. Take a look at the interactive map to see the directions to and from Mittagspitze mountain in Vorarlberg.

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