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Käsestraße - the cheese street of the Bregenz Forest

On the trail of cheese production in Vorarlberg

What makes Bregenz Forest cheeses so unique? Take yourself on a relaxing journey through the cheese country of the Vorarlberg region on the Bregenz Forest's KäseStrasse. Discover how the cheeses are made to original recipes, taste the range of cheeses and have a go at cheese-making yourself.

Visit a dairy in the Bregenzerwald
Visit a dairy in the Bregenzerwald (c) Othmar Heidegger/Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Did you know that the Bregenz Forest is the largest completely silo-free area in Europe? Our cows eat the most natural of fodder, namely the grasses and herbs of the Alps. The mysteries of cheese production lie in meticulous production using traditional methods handed down through the centuries.

An endless plenty of Vorarlberg cheeses

The Bregenz Forest's KäseStrasse is not an actual street, but an association of Bregenz Forest farmers, dairies, innkeepers, craftsmen and traders. Members include 90 Alpine dairies and 17 valley dairies. You can look over the shoulders of the herdsmen and dairymaids to see how the delicious cheeses are made. You will see the typical Bergkäse mountain cheese, plus a further 40 regional varieties, manufactured authentically by hand in the Bregenz Forest to the highest quality standards. 

Sightseeing and a programme of experiences

Members of the Bregenz Forest KäseStrasse offer sightseeing opportunities and a programme of experiences. Visit the first Bregenz Forest dairy school and make your own cheese. Working museums include dairies as well as apiarists, breweries and butchers. The tasting of the various cheese varieties is a definite highlight. The local inns and restaurants offer traditional Vorarlberg specialities and an extensive menu of cheeses. 

Types of cheeses in Vorarlberg
Vorarlberg, the country of cheese (c) Benjamin Schlachter/Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Hike along one of the innumerable trails through the Bregenz Forest and discover the origins of Vorarlberg cheese production in the Alps, where the cows graze on pasture all summer. As a crowning moment at the end of the hike, find a cosy mountain cabin where you can refuel with a meal of rustic delicacies offered by the lodges. 

Dive into the world of Vorarlberg cheese! The dairies, guesthouses, working museums and shops look forward to your visit and will be pleased to initiate you into the mysteries of the art of cheese. A visit to the Bregenz Forest KäseStrasse combines nature and culture together with a delightful culinary experience. 

Holiday in Damüls in the heart of Vorarlberg

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