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Holistic wellbeing

Der Massageraum im Alpenhotel Mittagspitze in Damüls
Relaxation during your holidays

Take a look at our diverse massage offers at Mittagspitze in the Bregenz Forest. Do you listen to your body? What do your muscles, joint and head long for today? For a fee you enjoy soothing relaxation for your body and soul. Recharge your batteries with classic massages, pamper exhausted muscles with a sports massage or dive deep into the world of senses with an Ayurveda massage. 

Massage offers at Mittagspitze

Classic or Far Eastern, full-body or part-body, health or wellness massage, aroma or honey massage – the massage therapists at Hotel Mittagspitze will pamper you according to your individual needs.

Classic massage

… eases muscle tensions, stimulates the metabolism and supports the circulation in the muscles. Choose between:

Full-body massage: 50min / EUR 93,-

Part-body massage: 25min / EUR 51,-
(back, shoulder and neck)

Part-body and head massage 25min / EUR 51,-

Sports massage

Are your calves straining after a long descent or a long hike? Or do you simply want to start the next day in top shape?

Leg massage 25 min / EUR 58,-

Foot reflexology massage

The entire body is reflected in the feet. Foot reflexology pampers the feet, helps to release energy blockages and stimulates the body's self-healing powers.

45 min / EUR 69,-

Hot roll followed by a part-body massage

A “hot roll” is a towel that has been heated up in hot water and is used to ease tensed muscles. This type of massage is especially recommended for joint and neck pain. After the following massage you will feel like a new person.

45min / EUR 99,-

Aroma feel-good massage

During the aroma massage you will be massaged with warm aromatic oil; choose your favourite massage oil.

Lavender has a soothing and balancing effect
Peppermint has a cooling and stimulating effect

50min / EUR 99,-

Ayurveda massage Abhyanga

... for the skin and muscular tension.

Ayurveda literally means: Knowledge of life

It is the millennia-old Indian health teaching that is based on a holistic view of man, nature and the cosmos. Its basic holistic philosophy is as simple as it is eternally kind: live and care for yourself in such a way that you maintain your health and avoid illness or premature ageing. The body is cleansed, detoxified and purified, leading to personal inner balance.

90 min / EUR 151,-

Honey massage

During a honey massage the natural honey has a healing effect on the whole organism when rubbed into the skin. Energy flow obstructions are corrected and all sorts of pains are positively affected. Thanks to the pumping movement of the hands old toxins are extracted from the deep tissue.

This massage stimulates the metabolism and circulation and has a cleansing effect. This massage technique has a toning effect on bum and belly and fights cellulite. 

50min / EUR 93,-

Lymph drainage

This gentle massage technique stimulates the immune system and is especially effective for a detox and for swollen legs (water oedemata).

45min / EUR 93,-

Facial lymph drainage: 30min / EUR 58,- 


Enjoy wellbeing for the skin with an exfoliation with cleansing sea salt and a relaxing massage with hay flower lotion. Your skin will feel soft and smooth like never before.

50min / EUR 99,-

Children's massage

Specially tailored to the needs of little ones.

Only for children

20 min. / EUR 39,-

Indulge in recreational breaks during your activity holiday and pamper yourself with a massage at Hotel Mittagspitze. Make an appointment directly at the reception of your 4-star-superior spa hotel in Damüls. 

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