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Rock-climbing in and around the Bregenz Forest

A rock-climbing holiday in the heart of the Vorarlberg region

Mountains shape the Vorarlberg landscape as far as the eye can see. Naturally enough, this presents fantastic rock-climbing possibilities. From family-friendly climbing and high ropes parks through to exposed fixed rope routes, the region boasts the right adventure for everyone. Why not plan a sporting excursion to the thrilling heights during your summer holiday in Damüls? 

Fun in the climbing garden in Damüls
Climbing for the whole family in the forest high rope park

Fixed rope routes for different levels

Schnepfau fixed rope route

At the north-eastern edge of the Schnepfau area, beneath the wall, you will find two different fixed rope climbing routes. The very exposed Forest Route is rated at difficulty level C/D.  The Sunset Route is even more exposed and is rated at difficulty level E for real professionals.

Karhorn fixed rope route in Warth

A little further away, in Warth on the Arlberg, you can tackle the Vorarlberg region's number one fixed rope route. The starting point is approx. 30 minutes from the Steffisalp Express mountain station. There you can enjoy the classic route or try the newly established Panorama Route on the western ridge. 

Vorarlberg region climbing gardens around Damüls

Climbing gardens are characterised by short and easy climbs, easy accessibility and a relatively safe environment. They provide numerous firm climbing routes in a small area and are perfectly designed for beginners and training purposes.

Climbing garden on the Weißenbach

You might like to visit the climbing garden on the Weißenbach, between Au and Schnepfau. Numerous routes rated around 3-4, as well as a small wall with several short but lovely "eights", are located on a more than 30 m high clinted limestone slab.

Wandfluh climbing garden in Sonntag-Stein

Here on the western side of the Wandfluh (approx. 60 m high wall), climbers will find numerous routes rated at difficulty levels 3 to 7. The advanced sector contains five additional routes of difficulty levels 5 to 8. 

Forest high ropes parks

Forest or high ropes parks provide exciting challenges for the whole family in a manageable area, supervised by a qualified team.

Damüls forest high ropes park

Right in the holiday destination Damüls, you can let off steam in a beautiful forest high ropes park. At heights ranging from 2 to 10 metres, various exciting courses are waiting for you. At the end, a 200-metre-long flying fox will bring you back to firm ground. The forest high ropes park is suitable for all ages and perfect for a family outing.

Schröcken adventure park

Beginners and masters alike can find a variety of climbing options in this high ropes park on the Arlberg. Routes may traverse water, then run through the forest and along natural cliffs. A total of 42 rope courses and 3 flying foxes plus the Mega Swing ensure that your every wish is catered for.

Start your climbing holiday in Vorarlberg with muscle strength and a bit of courage. The perfect departure point is your Mittagspitze Alpine Hotel in the picturesque mountain village of Damüls. Your hosts look forward to receiving your no-obligation enquiry!

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