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How it all started

Damüls Mittagspitze history

History often has more than one beginning. On one hand Damüls Mittagspitze's history started more than 700 years ago with the Wals people and then it started again about 60 years ago with Anton Madlener, who built today's Alpenhotel Mittagspitze on the grounds where a horse stables with trough used to be. 

Uga Alpe's colonialisation

Around the late Middle Ages many Swiss farmers were forced to leave their homeland Valais canton due to extreme poverty. They strolled through the countries looking for a new cultivation environment. On Alpe Uga, above Damüls, they finally found what they were looking for and settled down: the era of the Valais people in Vorarlberg started around 1300.

Damüls was first mentioned in a fiefdom document by the Duke of Montfort in 1313. In those days the alp belonged to the free farmers, but they did have to prove their loyalty to the duke in case of a war. 

Outstanding nature gem: Mittagspitze

Mittagspitze in Damüls soars 2,095 metres above sea level and is therefore the highest point of Damüls and also of the Damüls mountains' north crest. At first this prominent elevation was called “Trista”, because the summit resembled a triste, a conical haystack. The locals still use both names.

It is believed that at the time of the Valais settlement a chapel was built at Mittagspitze's foot. Today this is where the town's centre can be found with the historic parish church that was built around 1484 and Alpenhotel Mittagspitze, built in the 1950s.

From a horse stable to a 4-star-superior hotel

Today's 4-star-superior Alpenhotel Mittagspitze was built by Anton Madlener in 1954 on the St. Nikolaus church's prebends. Today the family-run hotel booms, led by his experienced nephew Ingo Madlener. Hard to imagine that this is where a horse stable with trough and the village fountain used to be. 

The beginnings

At first the idea was burdened with troubles, but soon it developed quickly and positively: “tourism” boomed and guests from all over the world were welcomed with open arms in Damüls. Everything went so well that in 1970 an addition became already necessary, which took the hotel to the 4-star-superior category. 

The Mittagspitze in the Bregenzerwald
The 4 star superior Alpenhotel in the Bregenzerwald

Today's Alpenhotel Mittagspitze

Since 1996 the hotel has been in the experienced hands of Ingo Madlener, who continues running it staying true to the family traditions. He invested in additions and renovations until it became the newly renovated spa hotel on the highest level that you know it today.

A lot speaks for being a guest at the Alpenhotel Mittagspitze: the wonderful and unobstructed panoramic views over the popular Mittagspitze, the direct access to the Damüls-Mellau ski resort in the winter or the perfect starting point for excursions and tours in the summer … to mention only a few advantages.

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