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Walserstolz House cheese dairy

Experience the Vorarlberg cheese culture

The Sonntag-Boden dairy is the largest dairy operation in the Great Walser Valley biosphere park. The traditional Walserstolz mountain cheese, manufactured only from hay-fed milk, is something of a role model for close-to-nature dairies. A visit to Walserstolz House in Sonntag cannot be missed if you want to learn about the agricultural practises and products of the region.

Cheese cellar with cheese loaves
Cheese production in the Bregenzerwald (c) Ludwig Berchtold/Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Walserstolz House is the perfect location for those who want to learn more about the region, and an educational destination for the family.

In Walserstolz House you will experience every facet of the best-known agricultural product of the Bregenz Forest. In the viewing dairy you can track the traditional manufacturing process of genuine Walserstolz cheese. An exhibition room at the Great Walser Valley biosphere park brings you closer to the only landscape that satisfies all requirements for the production of this high-quality dairy product.

Alpine farming in the Great Walser Valley

No fewer than 50 Alpine meadows are spread across the Great Walser Valley in the heart of the Vorarlberg region. The highest of these reaches 1,700 metres above sea level. The cows spend their summers on these meadows, where they can graze on the best grasses and herbs. You can taste the results in each individual product of the region, all of which are made from silo-free, naturally finished raw milk. 

The Walserstolz: Real mountain cheese from Vorarlberg

A package labelled "Walserstolz" contains the whole pride of the region: 39 mountain farming businesses from Sonntag and Fontanella deliver around 1.5 million litres of milk each year to the dairy building "HausWalserstolz", where some 140 tonnes of the regional mountain speciality cheese "Walserstolz" are manufactured. The cheese is matured in the cellars of the firm Emmi Österreich in Nüziders. Some 20 tonnes of Walserstolz then go back to the dairy, to be marketed directly on site. Walserstolz House has its own retail outlet and a tasting room suitable for up to 90 people.

Diversity of cheeses in Vorarlberg
Delicious cheese made from hay-fed milk (c) Hubert Cernenschek/Bregenzerwald Tourismus

The delights of Vorarlberg cheese

Cheese-lovers and gourmands, come here at your own risk. Find your favourite variety, taste your way through the range of Vorarlberg cheeses and buy some souvenirs and reminders to take home with you.

Get to know the tremendous range of Vorarlberg cheeses. Walserstolz House is located only about 15 minutes from the Mittagspitze Hotel. It is one of the destinations that you really shouldn't miss. After enjoying this culinary experience, you can still look forward to the enjoyable cuisine of your family-style hotel in Damüls. Numerous regional products, a weekly farmers' buffet and home-made delicacies will have your taste buds celebrating. Treat yourself to a gastronomically diverse holiday in the Vorarlberg region and send your obligation-free inquiry to the Mittagspitze Alpine Hotel!

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