Our new standard - measures to make you feel 100% safe with us

Dear guests!

It is very important to us to make your holiday at our hotel as pleasant and as safe as possible with us.

We ask you to support us in the implementation of the following protective measures.

We understand that due to the daily changing information, you are unsettled and have questions about your holiday with us. We are monitoring the situation closely. We are here for you and are happy to help you with any questions you may have at any time.

We reserve the right to make short-term changes on the measures and do not guarantee completeness of them.

Greetings, Family Ingo Madlener with the whole team

Booking process

Simplification of the booking process

Credit card guarantee

If you book directly with us, you can easily book the room with a credit card guarantee. If you do not have a credit card, you are welcome to pay a deposit to guarantee the room.

More flexible cancellation policy

In difficult times, we must stick together and adapt to the new circumstances. Therefore we have decided to offer you a more fleixble cancellation policy. For the summer season we have reduced the free cancellation period up to 48 hours (until 30.06) or up to 72 hours (from 01.07) before arrival.

Before arrival

Please observe the country-specific regulations.

If you feel ill, please stay at home.

Please arrive with your face mask.

If you have experienced corona symptoms such as fever, cough, no sense of taste and / or aching limbs in the 12 days prior to your arrival, we ask you not to arrive. We kindly ask you to stay at home.

If you are unable to travel because you got the corona virus or have been quarantined at home, the cancellation costs for a trip are usually covered by travel insurance. If you have to cancel your holiday with us during the stay, we will find an individual solution that is agreeable for both parties.

As a guest you will receive the latest information and measures 1 week before your arrival by e-mail. If you have any questions, our reception team will be happy to assist you at any time!

If you have booked through a third party agency or website, we kindly ask you to send us a short e-mail so that we can send you the link tor the online check in and useful information for your stay.

Arrival and during your stay


We have installed a plexiglass pane at the reception to keep the distance better, but at the same time to be at your disposal always.

The possibility of hand disinfection is guaranteed in all public areas.

Wear a mask

We ask you to wear face mask, covering your mouth and nose during the check in, we wear them too.
If you may have forgotten your protective mask at home, you can purchase protective masks at the reception desk.


Although it is hard for us, we unfortunately have to welcome you without the handshake greeting for a while.

We disinfect the work surfaces at the reception at least three times a day.

Registration form

You are welcome to fill out the registration form in advance. If you have made the booking directly with us, you will receive the link to the online check in automatically. If you booked through a tour operator, please send us a short e-mail so that we can send you the link in advance.

Key cards, documents

For the sake of the environment, we use our key cards several times, but they are disinfected immediately each time (before the check in and immediately after return). Everything you receive from the reception team is thoroughly disinfected.

Information contactless

We have set up a digital guest folder that allows you to access all information (including menu, morning mail, program recommendations, etc.) contactlessly. To access it, click here.

Cleanliness, cleaning in the public areas

The public areas are cleaned at least twice a day.

We clean to experience often touched surfaces, such as door and window handles, light switches etc on a regular basis.

Regularly, preferably at least once an hour, we will ventilate or keep doors open, weather permitting.


Our service remains in the usual quality, but our employees keep their distance just like all other guests.

We kindly ask you to wear mouth and nose protection in the restaurant if you are not at your seat. 

All buffets, especially the breakfast buffet, will be available to you during your stay in the usual manner, variety and quality. Our buffet areas have been rearrangedso that we can fully comply with the increased hygiene regulations and the associated distance regulations.

Here are the guidelines for self-service:

Either the food and drinks are served by an employee or we provide you with pre-portioned and covered food and drink
Menus are cleaned after each table use.

Food and drink menus are wiped clean after each use. We all wear gloves when printing and preparing the daily documents (menu, morning mail).

We reserve a table for our house guests which they keep during their stay.

Our colleagues will be happy to advise you in case of uncertainties or ambiguities regarding the current rules.

The glasses, cutlery, plates etc. are cleaned with the dishwasher with hygienic detergent and at a correspondingly high temperature.

Ketchup, mayonnaise etc. will be brought to your table on request.

In the restaurant we will clean the table surface, chair backs and armrests after each guest or change tablecloth.

Maintenance of the facilities (wellness, indoor pool, other)

All our facilities are set up in accordance with the valid safety and hygiene regulations and are regularly maintained (maintenance protocol is recorded and kept). The employees are trained on the valid regulations, dangers and proper operation of the facilities.

Cleaning of the rooms

Our staff will use disposable gloves when cleaning your room, which are used once per room and they will disinfect your hands before entering.

We clean the often touched surfaces daily by wipe disinfection.

The bed linen is cleaned by the laundry in compliance with the hygiene measures.

Terry towels are washed on site at a minimum of 60 degrees with antiviral detergent.

Rules of conduct for cable cars and chair lifts

In general or before the cable car ride (ticket office, queuing area, toilets, etc.)
- stay at home if there are signs of illness
- Avoid group formation
- Personal responsibility for yourself & your family
- keep sufficient distance to strangers
- Always observe general hygiene rules
- Use of existing disinfectant dispensers
- adhere to signs and instructions of the employees
- wear mouth and nose protectors in the stations and cable cars
- a mouth-and-nose protection can be purchased at the ticket office of the cable cars
- Cableways are considered a means of mass transport. If, due to the number of passengers and when boarding and alighting, it is not possible to maintain a distance of at least one metre,
may exceptionally be deviated from.
- Persons who refuse to wear a mouth and nose protector will be excluded from the trip on the basis of the cable car law and the conditions of carriage.
In case of violation, the cable car company will file a complaint with the executive.

During the cable car ride:
- Wear mouth and nose protection during the entire cable car ride (mouth and nose must be covered)
- Keep sufficient distance despite mouth-nose protection
- Do not leave the mouth and nose protector in the train
- Adhere to instructions of the employees

Specific regulations for the wellness area and indoor pool

At the moment, masks are not compulsory in the wellness area and in the indoor swimming pool The individual saunas may only be used simultaneously by guests who live in the same household.(each unit by max. 2 pax from the same household)

In order to comply with the rule of 6 m2 of water surface per guest, a maximum of 2 persons may stay in the water at the same time (except for persons from the same household).

In the wellness area we regularly disinfect the frequently used surfaces, handles and door handles, we have also provided hand disinfectants, handkerchiefs and adapted the range of juices and snacks in accordance with regulations.


settlement of the account

With us you have the contactless payment options at your disposal. If you wish, you can make a deposit or pay the invoice in advance. We will gladly send you the bank details.

Electronic invoice

In order to reduce direct contact, we will send you your invoice as a .pdf file on departure or, if you need the original copy, we will send it by post on request.

After departure

Please notify us if the above symptoms occur within 36 hours of departure.

Rules for our employees

Before starting work, every employee is questioned about corona symptoms.

We have trained our employees to consistently follow the necessary measures during work in the interest of our common safety. They will be informed of any changes on a daily basis.

We keep a minimum distance of 1 meter between employees - as far as possible, also during work processes.

The wearing of face masks or alternatives (e.g. face-shield) in customer contact is obligatory, the employees have been trained in the hygienic putting on and taking off of the MNS or face-shield as well as safekeeping.

We wash our hands regularly with warm water and soap.

The work clothes are washed in accordance with general good hygiene practice (GHP) at least 60 degrees, where the fabric does not allow washing at 60 degrees, disinfectant is added to the detergent during washing.

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